Do you believe in god?
Are you blind in your need to be saved?
And could you condemn a stranger
If they’re lesbian or gay?
Does his judgement work this way?
Does your conscience have no say?
Is mindless, muted puppet
The role you sought to play?

Do you believe in love?
Prevailing through darkest despair
Do you call it human instinct
Or a cross that we must bear?
Dependence in comparison to air?
Intrinsic desire for acceptance we share?
If god is love, all love is good
You judgement can’t be fair

Do you believe in choice?
Can you shape what you do, who you are?
Or does god write out your story
As you simply play your part
Attractions no decision,
I don’t need your gods permission
No pope nor pauper can dictate
The direction if my heart

So fuck your pointless legislate
And fuck religion as an excuse for hate
Sexuality’s not a choice; it’s innate
So if I meet Peter and heavens gate
And he closes gods doors in my face
I won’t know up from down-
On hell I’ll smile, heaven frown


My original work :)

Love & good vibes, Charlotte, 15, bi but not out to everyone yet